Part # MRW4100Advanced Technology INc. Ar15 style collapsible stock part number MRW4100 designed to fit Mossberg 500, 590 and maverick 88 shotguns.


Tactical Stock with Pistol Grip and Free Buttpad


Now the Mossberg owner can customize his or her 500 and 590 shotguns with the collapsible, six-position SHOTFORCE Buttstock with Pistol Grip and FREE Buttpad is patterned after the Colt CAR-15 style assault rifle. The buttstock is made from Matte Black Glass-Filled Nylon. The MRW4100 Collapsible stock can be adjusted for all body types and dress -  the stock changes length of pull from 9-1/4" to 13-1/4". So whether you are 6 ' 6" officer in Tactical gear or a petite Soccer Mom, your Mossberg will now fit you. Includes sling swivel studs. Scratchproof and Weatherproof. Made in the USA of Matte Black, Glass-Filled Nylon and comes with Lifetime Warranty. The FREE SHOTFORCE Buttpad offers additional stability and fits most AR-15 CAR type stocks, including the SHOTFORCE Tactical 6-Position Buttstock. It has a checkered non-slip surface and provides air cushioned recoil reduction.



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