Advanced Technology Inc. Stocks and Accessories for Remington Shotguns.

Replacement Stocks

ATI Gun stocks offers a wide variety of replacement stocks for Remington shotguns. You may choose from AR15 style collapsible stock, Top folding stocks, Side Folding stocks and pistol grip butt stocks. The stocks are available by themselves and in kits that include a synthetic forend

.REpalcement stocks for  shotguns from Advanced Technology Inc

Forends and Pistol Grips

Now you can replace the oversized wood forend with a new Advanced Technology Inc, synthetic forend or Vertical pistol grip forend. The ATI Gun stocks ergonomic pistol grip will reduce the overall length of your defensive Remington 500, 590. Please note theVertical Pistol Grip forend for Remington shotguns. forends will not fit Maverick shotguns.





You have three options when adding a Heatshield to the Barrel of your Maverick or Remington shotguns.

Heatshields for shotgun barrels - Advanced Technology Inc.

Strikeforce Stock Systems

New Advanced TEchnology Intenationl strikeforce shotgun stock system.

Tactical side folding AR15 style collapsible stock and optional forend.

Light Mounts/ Misc. Accessories.

This section offers the Remington/Maverick owners a variety of misc. accessories to include: Barrel Clamp, Light mounts, stock spacers, Muzzle mount, sight adapters and Buttpads.

Advnced Technology Inc. shotgun barrel clamp and Flashlight clamp.

Magazine Tube Extensions

7 and 8 round magazine tube extensions for Remington 870 shotguns.

ATI 7 and 8 rd magazine tube extentions for 870 remington tactical shotguns.


You can now personalize your Remington 870 shotguns with the many Advanced Technology Inc. Accessories.

History of Remington Arms Co.


Shotshell Holders

You can now expand the shotshell carry capacity of your Remington shotgun with one of the ATI Gunstock shell holders.

ATI shotshell holder for Remington shotguns. - Click on image for product details.


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