The Remington Arms Company's roots date back to late 1816 when Eliphalet Remington came in second at a local shooting match. The orders for his new handmade flintlock rifle began to grow from the other contestants, thus putting Mr. Remington into the firearms business.

The Remington Arms Company moved to it's factory in llion Gulch to a the present location which was close to the newly constructed Erie Canal.  In 1865 the E. Remington and Sons company was incorporated as a stock company which over the years developed the first hammerless solid breech repeating shotgun, the first hammerless autoloading rifle as well as the state of the art Rolling Block Rifle.

In 1888 the E. Remington and Sons company was acquired by Marcellus Hartley and partners and the reorganized company  was named Remington Arms Company.

Thru the years Remington Arms Company branched into numerous related and unrelated products such as Typewriters, Sewing Machines, Cash Registers, Cutlery and Cartridges with the newly formed Remington U.M.C. company as well as the acquired Peters Cartridge Company. During the mid 20th century Remington expanded their manufacturing and product lines to various states and foreign countries

In 1950 Remington announced the new 870 Wingmaster shotgun, which quickly became the largest selling pump action shotgun in the world.

The year 1962 brought the new 700 bolt action rifle to the Remington family of fine firearms and in 1963 the new 1100 autoloading shotgun was introduced which was updated in 1992 with the Model 11-87. The same year Remington introduced the 870 Marine Magnum and various Camouflage finished long guns.  In 1994 the thru the year 2000 Remington introduced the 522 viper autoloading rimfire rifle, 870 express shotgun, the stainless steel version of the Model Seven, 700 Sendero,  ADL rifle, 700 Muzzleloader, the 1100 shotgun with synthetic stock , 3 1/2 inch magnum shotguns. The list of new products from 2000 to present is is very long and can be viewed at the Remington factory website.


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